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ICU AT Home Setup

We at HDU believe that patient safety is the most critical determinant, thus we have developed a 3-step process to ensure that our patients are safely transferred home and appropriately cared for.

Free Patient Assessment

Get a free patient assessment for your patient along with an individualized care plan that is based on the current need.

Equipment Testing

We Test Ventilator and Bipap while patient is still in hospital before moving the patient home.

Shifting the Patient

After all the above processes are completed we set up the required equipment's at home and move the patient to the Home ICU Care.

Get the finest Home ICU Setup in just five hours*

Full Hospital Like ICU Setup starting at ₹7,999

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We're Experienced and Trusted by Thousands

We have medical and pharmaceutical industry experts on staff who can ensure that patients receive the care they require.

Trusted By 20,000+ Patients

We have served more then 20,000 Patients in last 4 years.

Team of 1200+ Professionals

We have a team of 1200+ Medical Professionals.

8+ Locations Across India

We Plan to open a Care center in every major city by 2023

Pan India Operations

HDU Healthcare is not limited to its care centers, we provide services to every part of India

HDU Healthcare Featured in BBC

See how HDU Healthcare assisted India in combating COVID-19 at home by offering first-rate home healthcare services.

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ICU Care at Home

Get Full ICU Set-up at home with all the necessary equipment's and ICU Like Facility, Starting at 7,999INR

Nurse / Attendant at Home

A Companion that can help you fight your ailments

Digital Constultation

Stay Connected to a doctor wherever you are.

We make healthcare easy and affordable.

We know that dealing with healthcare can be stressful. We also know that it’s important to take care of your health. That’s why we’re here to make healthcare easy and affordable for you.

A Companion with Medical Knowledge to take care of you.

Protect yourself and your family from Hospital Acquired Infections while you recover at your home

Consult Expert Critical care doctors Digitally or schedule a physical visit.

Take care of the people who have dedicated their lifes to you.

Get medications not typically found in retail pharmacies

Looking for Medical Equipment rentals? We've got you covered

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HDU Healthcare has been Featured on leading media outlets


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