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Patient Adherence

According to WHO , medication adherence can have a more direct impact on the patient outcomes compared to the medication itself.

It is estimated that adherence to chronic medications is about 50%, as against the minimum requirement of 80% for optimal therapeutic efficacy. 

Patient Adherence can be increased using:

The 3 "A"s of PSP​

● The Financial condition of the patient

● The Drug may not be available or care giver isn’t able to trace availability

Adherence :
● Fear of Potential side effects
● Lack of knowledge of benefits
● Absence of symptoms

Our Patient Support Offerings

We provide complete patient support program solutions, allowing you to mix and match our services to develop your own unique patient care program.

Home Healthcare Services​

Increase Patient Adherence by Providing your patients with Home healthcare

24/7 Call Center Service

Be there for your Patients with our 24x7 Call center Support service

CRM / Data Management

Protect your patient data with our HIPAA Complaint CRM / Data management

Cold Chain & Speciality Pharmacy

Licensed Specialty Pharmacy and cold chain management at data temperature

We're Equiped With Everything your need.

Mix and match our services to create your perfect PSP Program

Complaint Certified & Encrypted CRM

Our CRM System is not only well-liked by our clients, but it is also compliant, certified, and encrypted. With top-tier security, our clients can rest certain that their data is secure.

CRM Features


The 2-factor authentication ensures that only authorized personnel can access to CRM data.

Ensuring that authorized users have access to information when they need it

Data Confidentiality
Ensuring that the access to information is appropriately authorized.

Cloud Reminders
All data of CRM is saved and stored at local server and everyday it gets transferred to AWS server.

Our CRM Is completely automated, it can send automatic pill reminders, Promotional Messages / Mails and it can also set up automatic follow –up calls

Data Privacy
With SSL encryption in CRM, client need not to worry about the confidential data of patients. The server ensures that data in transit is also encrypted.

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