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Patient Services Agreement


  1. Definitions
    • “Patient” who will receive services under the agreement.
    • “LAR” legally acceptable representative of PATIENT.
    • “HDU” refers to as HDU HEALTHCARE Pvt. Ltd.
  2. General Terms
    1. HDU HEALTHCARE services are non-transferable and only cover the patient named in the Patient Services Agreement.
    2. The PATIENT/LAR confirms that the nature and scope of Services have been fully explained to him/her.
    3. The Patient has further completed the Patient Registration Form providing general details, physician details, emergency contact details, medical history including pre-existing medical condition and medication information to the best of his/her knowledge.
    4. HDU HEALTHCARE services are not a substitute for emergency medical services offered at hospitals. In case of a medical emergency, the caregiver should contact emergency service providers such as ambulances and/or rush to nearest hospital along with informing HDU HEALTHCARE about it.
  3. PATIENT/LAR Rights
    1. Be treated with courtesy, dignity respect &be cared for by suitably qualified and trained healthcare staff at all times.
    2. Have personal and medical information privacy and confidentiality protected as per prevailing government guidelines.
    3. Have complete information to make an informed decision with respect to the proposed Services being offered.
    4. Express concern or complain about the care or services provided to them or provide candid feedback on the HDU HEALTHCARE staff.
    5. Request with supporting reasons for change of HDU HEALTHCARE Care Professional or any other service.
    6. LAR shall have a right to terminate this agreement with or without cause or in the event of PATIENT’s death.
  4. PATIENT/LAR Obligations:
    1. To provide full and accurate information about PATIENT’s health, medical history and personal care needs to the HDU HEALTHCARE Professional.
    2. To strictly adhere to the advice and instructions given by the Treating Physician.
    3. To inform Treating Physician immediately, if:
      1. changes in his / her health condition or care needs; or
      2. a medical emergency develops; or
      3. PATIENT’s health deteriorates abruptly; or
      4. In the unfortunate event of PATIENT death.
    4. To provide following documents for PATIENT including one (1) Proof of Identity and one (1) Proof of Address.
    5. To provide the address of PATIENT/family member where the HDU HEALTHCARE Staff will be required to report to in writing and ensure that the said address is a safe and habitable place for HDU HEALTHCARE Staff.
    6. In case the PATIENT/LAR wishes to change any scope of Services or HDU HEALTHCARE Staff or equipment, the same needs to be intimated to HDU HEALTHCARE in writing along with supporting reasons in advance. HDU HEALTHCARE shall review and approve the change request in its sole discretion.
    7. To inform HDU HEALTHCARE of any non-availability of PATIENT due to travel etc. at least 2 business days in advance. In case of failure to inform, the Services shall be deemed to have been rendered by HDU HEALTHCARE or HDU HEALTHCARE Staff becomes aware of the absence of the PATIENT.
    8. To treat all HDU HEALTHCARE Staff or representative involved in the Services, whether residential or not, with courtesy and respect at all times. Any kind of violent or abusive behavior including foul language, physical attack or assault, mental harassment, sexual assault and harassment is unacceptable. Any such acts shall result in immediate termination of contract apart from other suitable police and legal action by HDU HEALTHCARE
    9. Any acts of individual misdemeanor or any unlawful behavior on part of any HDU HEALTHCARE employee/worker/staff provided would not bind HDU HEALTHCARE into any legal culpability.
    10. The PATIENT/LAR will not hire or seek to hire any HDU HEALTHCARE Staff directly or indirectly, or solicit, induce, recruit or encourage any of HDU employees or independent contractors to leave their engagement with HDU HEALTHCARE for any reason. Any such action will render PATIENT/LAR liable to pay liquidated damages towards loss of cost incurred for recruitment and training of the HDU HEALTHCARE Staff The PATIENT/LAR agrees that the nurse, attendant or any other staff sent by HDU HEALTHCARE to his/her home is for the exclusive purpose of rendering services to the PATIENT only and will not be asked to perform any other household functions or chores.
    1. HDU reserves the right to demand agreed fees in advance and get paid by PATIENT/LAR in advance. In case the amount is not paid within the stipulated period, HDU HEALTHCARE reserves the right to cease delivery of services without prior notice.
    2. HDU HEALTHCARE will get suitably reimbursed for all additional or out of pocket expenses incurred by it for services provided to PATIENT.
    3. HDU HEALTHCARE may sub-contract any or all services agreed under the Patient Services Agreement to third party partners such as Lab & Diagnostic Vendors, Emergency/Ambulance Services Vendors, Medical Equipment Vendors, Health Check-up Partners, Distributors, Chemists etc. to provide value added services to PATIENT.
    4. HDU HEALTHCARE will record, save and store all personal information including health related information of the PATIENT electronically in a secure database. HDU HEALTHCARE will however not be responsible for any inadvertent cyber data theft from its website or databases.
    5. HDU HEALTHCARE shall further organize a basic medical assessment of the PATIENT if it so deems fit for the purpose of ascertaining eligibility of the PATIENT.
  6. HDU HEALTHCARE Obligations
    1. Provide suitably qualified and trained medical and paramedical staff to PATIENT.
    2. Ensure proper background checks for all staff deployed for services to the PATIENT.
    3. Ensure proper uniform, hygiene and upkeep of all staff resources deployed at PATIENT’s address.
    4. Maintain PATIENT health data, reports, charts in a physical or electronic file for easy reference.
    5. Ensure privacy and confidentiality of all PATIENT data as per stipulated government guidelines and regulations subject to HDU HEALTHCARE Privacy Policy and share the same only with third party medical and paramedical staff in course of the Services or when medically necessary.
  7. Indemnification and waiver of liability

    To the extent permitted by law, the patient/LAR hereby waives his/her right to initiate a claim, action, suit, or legal proceeding including Criminal Proceedings by whatever name called against HDU HEALTHCARE and its directors, agents, employees and contractors arising from

    1. Any pre-existing medical condition of the patient; or
    2. Any adverse drug reaction; or
    3. Medical procedure related condition that is not connected to HDU HEALTHCARE
    4. Any services which are not directly provided by HDU HEALTHCARE

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